This is the Carto quiz game #2. Try to answer what connects these places - here!

Research projects


CartoUI – Web based application for research, analyse and discover needs of web maps users. This is the new way to research web maps user’s needs. CartoUI provides interactive tool for implementation of user’s needs research, possibilities to analyse and discover requirements of web maps functionality and usability. Create your map you participate in web maps requirements research.

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Maps functionality

To evaluate the quality of Internet maps, it is necessary to assess the specific parameters of functionality, i.e. how users apply standard and specific functions, which functions are most important to them. It is also important to realize which functions are defaults, specific or useless for different types of users. In this research you will be asked answer to questions about your usage experience of web maps functionality. Are you interested in?

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Carto quiz #2

Are you interesting in geography or have good skills in geographic places? Let’s try to find out that! Carto quiz is the game based on geographic knowledge. In the map you will find 5 places that are related in some way. The rules are simple – first one who will answer correctly will win a prize – chocolate map of Lithuania! I will send this map no matter where you live.

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cartoIQ cartography in my way.

CartoIQ page thematic is web cartography, new trends in online maps, maps usability, etc. In this page you can participate in different projects of cartographic research , also read news and tutorials about application of different web maps technologies or just have fun about cartography. There are also gallery of interesting web maps.

Carto chalange


CartoUI – needs analysis of web maps users

All we know how hard sometimes it is to deal with our customers especially in cartography/web mapping field. It can become nightmare to identify what actually our users want for the web maps we create. Of course you can organize interviews, do users surveys, or just simply create map based on your knowledge and expect that it…

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Readings #6 | Leaflet, QGIS, Google maps

After few weeks of calm Carto readings returns with five new must read articles. You will find useful information about leaflet, Leaflet shortcuts for common tile providers, also workshop of QGIS, tutorial how to style google maps. Keep reading.

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Readings #5 | Maps competition, OSM, Landsat

This week I have another 5 links to share with you. This time you will find inspiring maps examples from FOSS4G maps competition, information about open source technologies, google maps api, Landsat dataset. So lets begin:

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