CartoUI – needs analysis of web maps users

Monday, June 23rd, 2014 | andrius

All we know how hard sometimes it is to deal with our customers especially in cartography/web mapping field. It can become nightmare to identify what actually our users want for the web maps we create. Of course you can organize interviews, do users surveys, or just simply create map based on your knowledge and expect that it fits users needs. It is really hard to ask users directly what they want, what functions they need, what design they expect. How about if we change process of requirements analysis from developer -> user to user -> developer. If we give right tool for our users to specify what they actualy want? And what is the best way to analyse map requirements..? Create a map!

The past few months there were no news in CartoIQ because I had been working hardly on my new project CartoUI.  CartoUI is the new way to research web maps user’s needs. CartoUI provides interactive tool for implementation of user’s needs research, possibilities to analyse and discover requirements of web maps functionality and usability. CartoUI tool allows users to create their own interactive map with functions, layouts and menus they need, using drag’n’drop function place map elements in the map layout where they want, also to style map elements as they want. User can interactively build map and CartoUI collect all information about map parameters also general social information about user. All this allows to analyse different user’s needs for different types of maps. Best way to try this tool – participation in the research.

I invite you to try this tool, participate in research and I will be very thankful if you give me any suggestions for the application improvements.


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