Readings #5 | Maps competition, OSM, Landsat

Sunday, October 6th, 2013 | andrius

This week I have another 5 links to share with you. This time you will find inspiring maps examples from FOSS4G maps competition, information about open source technologies, google maps api, Landsat dataset. So lets begin:

  1. FOSS4G 2013 global conference on Open Source Geospatial Software has announced “Opening Up The Map” competition where map developers competed in different categories like Best statistic map, Best data integration, Best web map app. There are lot of interesting examples for your inspiration. Be sure to check out winners list of this competition.
  2. What skills cartographer must have in these days? Do cartographer must know how to program or about design theories? Do cartographer must know how great map must look, or do he must know how to create this map as well? The Atlantic cities web journal publish article in which tries to answer these questions – is cartographer “Mapmaker, artist or programmer?”.
  3. The international State of the Map conference – largest openstreetmap conference publish the presentations videos from San Francisco conference. Check out, there are a lot of interesting talks, especially if you are using openstreetmap data and services.
  4. Lets go to more technical readings – did you use Landsat satellite imagery data? This data source is really great for cartography, ecology agriculture purposes. Landsat data can be used as world satellite imagery map, also for land changes analysis. You can download data from U.S. Geological Survey web site. Mapbox team publish useful blog post how to process Landsat data using Open source tools.
  5. The google maps api is one of the most popular map api used by developers. It is easy to use, quick to develop, google provides lot of integrated services. Tutsplus website published blog post how to create google maps with custom overlays. If you are using google maps api this post can give interesting information about using this api in different ways.

That`s it. I hope you found in this post of carto-reading useful information. If you have interesting reading to share please write link and description in the comment section below.

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