Readings #6 | Leaflet, QGIS, Google maps

Thursday, March 13th, 2014 | andrius

After few weeks of calm Carto readings returns with five new must read articles. You will find useful information about leaflet, Leaflet shortcuts for common tile providers, also workshop of QGIS, tutorial how to style google maps. Keep reading.

  1. I really like Leaflet js library and use it everywhere I can. But I always forget how add different tile layers from mapbox, from esri, mapquest, etc. In GitHub I founded Leaflet shortcuts for common tile providers. That helps me a lot. This is really useful if you using leaflet as your main map library in your projects.
  2. If you don’t know Leaflet js library or want to learn more, here is the most comprehensive introduction. In this free book Leaflet tips and trick you will find almost everything you need to know about using Leaflet (in small or big web projects). From introduction to newbies to work with PHP and MySQL. Great thanks to the author of this book.
  3. QGIS is most powerful open source GIS we have and its really easy to use (for me). If you preparing learning materials for your customers, students or you want learn more how to use this program, here you can find very informative QGIS workshops. This workshop material prepared by instructor Lex Berman (Harvard University). Thanks to him.
  4. Sometimes basemap style of google maps is really boring and you want to play little bit with colors (like a real cartographer). Here is the blog post about how to style google maps. Lets play!
  5. I think that now we live in the golden age of digital cartography. Maps are everywhere: in our mobiles, computers, books, streets, etc. Also users at these days are more and more involved in the maps creation. Wired tries to answer the question “Why do so many people love making maps?”. Interesting.

If you want to suggest interesting blog post, tutorial etc. just drop the link in the comment section below.

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